Capt'n 's Personal Log

21 February 1974
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I'm Cap'n of the Highwind, and don't ye damnwell forget it.

I like smokin and drinkin tea. If ye got a problem with that, i got a very long pole that'll only be too happy te make aquaintance with yer goddamn arse. I like metalic things that fly, - and aircraft - and, goddamnit, this is fuckin' dumb...

An 'cause there's some o' ye bastards what are tryin' te read this, here's a general guide:

This weren't initially written fer others te read, so I s'pose it can be a bit damn confusin'. Best advice is te have one window of beastunderneath open, starting from Vince's first entry, and one window of my LJ open, from my first entry, and read them from there. Generally they're in sync, like, Mine, Vincent's, Mine, Vincent's, etc etc. But somtimes we skip one, and it goes mine, mine, Vincent's, mine, or vice versa. Or sometimes ye should read the comments first, and sometimes ye shouldn't. The dates on posts/comments can be used as a rough guide, but sometimes we manipulate these too. Just try an use yer head te figure it out; it aint fuckin' Rocket science - an' I would know!

If ye start readin' an entry that refers te events that aint happened yet, try readin' the other person's LJ post and/or comments. Hopefully everythin' will become clear then.

Good luck!